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Author: Kathy Hepinstall

ISBN: 9780544002227
Pages: 336
Description: “A first-rate choice for fans of intelligent historical romances.”—Library Journal, starred review Amid the mayhem of the Civil War, Iris Dunleavy is put on trial by her husband, convicted of madness, and sent to Sanibel Asylum to be restored to a compliant Virginia plantation wife. But her husband is the true criminal; she is no lunatic, only guilty of disagreeing on notions of cruelty and property.On this remote Florida island, Iris meets a wonderful collection of inmates in various states of sanity, including Ambrose Weller, a Confederate soldier haunted by war, whose dark eyes beckon to her. Can love in such a place be real? Can they escape, and will the war have left any way—any place—for them to make a life together?
“An absorbing story that explores both the rewards and perils of love, pride, and sanity.”—Publishers Weekly“With Blue Asylum, Hepinstall presents the reader with the rare and delicious quandary of whether to race through and find out what happens to her characters or to linger over her vivid, beautifully crafted sentences. For me, the only resolution was to read it twice.” —Hillary Jordan, author of Mudbound and When She Woke“A gripping story of love and madness in the midst of the Civil War—I couldn’t put it down!”—Kathleen Grissom, author of The Kitchen House
Do you not know that you ought to be Christians? Do you not know that it is both wrong and foolish of you to ignore God? Do you not know that you will have to answer for it? Have you not had moments of illumination when there has risen up before you the whole vanity of your past lives, and when you have felt ‘I have played the fool, and erred exceedingly’? And yet, what has come of it all with some of you? Why, what comes of it with the drunkard in the Book of Proverbs, who, as soon as he has got over the bruises and the sickness of his last debauch, says, ‘I will seek it yet again.’ ‘A deceived heart hath turned him aside.’ And how is it Blue Asylum that this hallucination that you have fed full and been satisfied, when all the while your hunger has not been appeased, can continue to act on us? For the very plain reason that every one of us has in himself a higher and a lower self, a set of desires for the grosser, more earthly, and, using the word in its proper sense, worldly sortthat is to say, directed towards material things, and a higher set which look right up to God if they were allowed fair play.In comparison, they found Blue Asylum 188 cases of Islamist terrorism in the U.Also, it may provide fodder for fanboy Blue Asylum flame wars, but you probably knew that when you clicked on this link, right.I was told by city’s staff that kiko using g9 for Blue Asylum his clinic.Of course the troops should be withdrawn to where they were, when, in defiance of the Constitution, they Blue Asylum moved upon disputed territory.The elephant near or in the waters is mythically equivalent to the lunar and solar Blue Asylum tortoise that dwells on the shores of the lake and sea, or at the bottom of the sea.A different Blue Asylum texture can be made by grinding up a ¼″ wooden dowel (available at hardware stores or lumber companies) in a clean pencil sharpener.Leo Blue Asylum made a sketch of the tower of Huis Merwede, the solitary and only relic of this desolate scene.