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Author: Catherine Anderson

ISBN: 9780451212160
Pages: 419
Description: Zeke Coulter has no intention of getting married — until he buys a ranch next door to Natalie Patterson, a sexy divorcee with two kids, a zany extended family, and a philandering ex-husband involved in shady business dealings. When Natalie’s twelve-year-old son vandalizes Zeke’s property and she is unable to pay for the damages, Zeke offers to let the boy work off the debt.

As Zeke struggles to instill a sense of responsibility and self-worth in the troubled youngster, he finds his life being turned upside down by Natalie, whose sultry singing voice and striking eyes disguise her underlying lack of belief in herself or in her dream of becoming a professional singer. With rugged determination, Zeke undertakes to bolster her confidence, revive her ability to trust men … and thoroughly seduce her. But just as their attraction begins to blossom, a twist of fate gravely threatens their life together …
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