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Author: Sam Crescent

Pages: 203
Description: Danger is heading to Fort Wills…

Leaving The Skulls was the best and worst decision of his life. Butch knew to keep his woman, Cheryl and her young son safe, he needed to make sacrifices, and pulling out of the club was the only way to go. Cheryl loves Butch, but she will not accept him quitting the club. She doesn’t need him to become a saint in order to love him.

Butch cannot understand that and is more than willing to make any sacrifice necessary for Cheryl, but now those very sacrifices are about to tear apart everything he’s ever known.

With a new threat facing them and no way for him to protect his woman, Butch has to make a choice. However, Butch is not all that he seems. He’s got a past that even The Skulls don’t know about, and no one is safe.

Life as The Skulls know it is about to be blown apart.

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