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Author: Graham Edwards

ISBN: 9780006482338
Pages: 441
Description: I’ve read all the books in the Ultimate Dragon Saga. The first one was akin to Watership Down and focused on the main character, Fortune and his close friends.
Note I say close. In the second book that focus became hazy, and made Fortune into a mind-numb cutout.
By the 3rd book (this one) we hardly get into his head anymore, and are instead chasing multiple dragons all over the map. These dragons suddenly get a “feeling” that they must do something and go for it. There’s no explanation as to why. It seems like there should have (and I dread to say it) a prophecy that would have given them a reason to do these things.
The plot is tangled in confusing and rather pointless acts, none of which make much sense. The first book was fine on its own and could have stopped there, because I honestly didn’t care if the main character was tortured to death. As a matter of fact he kinda deserved it for becoming so bland.
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