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Author: Sam Selvon

ISBN: 9780582642645
Pages: 142
Description: From the brilliant, sharp, witty pen of Sam Selvon, his classic award-winning novel of immigrant life in London in the 1950s.

‘His Lonely Londoners has acquired a classic status since it appeared in 1956 as the definitive novel about London’s West Indians.’ — Financial Times

‘The unforgettable picaresque . . . a vernacular comedy of pathos.’ — The Guardian

In the hopeful aftermath of war they flocked to the Mother Country—West Indians in search of a prosperous future in the ‘glitter-city’.
Instead, they have to face the harsh realities of living hand to mouth, of racism, of bone-chilling weather and bleak prospects. Yet friendships flourish among these Lonely Londoners and, in time, they learn to survive.
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