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Author: Tamuna Tsertsvadze

Pages: 45
Description: *Story based on Georgian Mythology.

Above Midland (the world of humans), far away, there is the world of Zeskneli (the heaven), and below Midland, there is Kveskneli (the underworld). In Zeskneli, there dwell the gods, and Kveskneli is inhabited by vicious demons…

The first volume of Giorgland Fables is told by young god’s, Giorgi’s, perspective, but this volume is different, as it is narrated by a subtle young goddess residing in Zeskneli… It is Vardia, and she is the goddess of flowers, who seeks for love, as every goddess friend of hers already has a partner, and she doesn’t.

Vardia is a peaceful goddess and she enjoys living in fields and forests together with her father, the Grass Lord, the god of fields, and her giant dog companion, Rex. However, she has a lot of fears… She is afraid of the blood-seeking god of war and thunder, Marekh, and his giant female fox companion, Melakuda, the most.

But one night she sees Rokap, a vicious demon, in her dream, who threatens her to devour her heart if she doesn’t kill his archenemy, Marekh, in three days… Vardia is dreaded, as she has never even thought of such a brutal act as killing anyone before. But now, her own life is threatened…

How will the soft goddess of flowers act in this gruesome situation she finds herself in?
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